• Nail oil from the Neem tree for strong, healthy nails.
Neem Nail Oil is specially formulated with the unique power of pressed Neem Oil for strong, healthy nails.  Neem Nail Oil protects and cares for cuticles, softening them and reducing the need to cut them.  Neem Nail Oil also encourages the growth of strong and healthy nail tissue when used regularly.
In India, the Neem tree is known as the "village pharmacy".  Every part of the tree is used in some form on a daily basis - the twigs for dental care, the Neem oil and leaves for cleansing and medicines.  The leaf extract and Neem oil from the seed kernel have been used for centuries by the people of India to maintain beautiful and healthy skin.  The seeds, bark and leaves of the Neem tree contain compounds with proven antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal uses.  Recently 'discovered' by the West, the Neem tree’s unique powers are increasingly being put to work in many types of naturally based health and beauty products