Ingredients A - Z

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Acetyl Hexapeptide 3/Argireline - A combination of six naturally occurring amino acids, this mimics the action of Botox by relaxing the muscle contractions that create wrinkles.  Safe, non-toxic and without side effects - unlike Botox.

Allantoin - A botanical extract (ours is of liquorice), allantoin has the ability to help heal wounds, burns, sunburn and skin ulcers, and to stimulate the growth of healthy tissue.  It is healing, soothing, and moisturising.

Aloe vera - An extract from the leaf of the aloe plant.  Used mainly for its healing effects and skin softening benefits, it also helps reduce extra oils in the skin.

Alpha-lipoic acid - A highly potent biological antioxidant (400 times more powerful than natural Vitamin E), which acts against reactive free radicals in the mitochondria, where cellular energy is produced.  Such free radicals play a major part in the ageing process and scientists believe that additional antioxidants can slow ageing.  Alpha-lipoic acid also recycles other antioxidants such as Vitamins C and E, making them more effective.

Arnica - A botanical extract that promotes the removal of wastes from the skin and assists in new tissue growth.  Effective in the treatment of reddened or damaged skin.

Ascorbyl glucosamine (Vitamin C) - A combination of L-ascorbic acid and polyglucosamine, derived from sea algae, this works to brighten the skin, reduce skin discolouration and even out skin tone.

Ascorbyl palmitate (Vitamin C) - A stabilised Vitamin C ester, used to penetrate the skin and stimulate both collagen and cellular renewal, and to protect the skin from the effects of the sun at the cellular level.  It is a natural antioxidant and moisturiser, sourced from vitamins in plant oils.

Astaxanthin - A natural pigment found in the marine environment (it’s what turns the flesh of the salmon pink), astaxanthin is also an extremely powerful antioxidant, shown to be over 500 times stronger than vitamin E.  Sourced from sea algae (ours is from Hawaii, considered to be the most powerful), which also acts as an exfoliant.

Benzophenone-3 (Oxybenzone) - A UVA absorbing sunscreen ingredient, derived from isopropanol.  This is one of the few ingredients in our range of products which is not natural or naturally derived.  It is used for its effectiveness in providing sun protection.

Birch sap - Derived from the core of the birch tree, birch sap is used for its antiseptic, astringent and soothing properties.

Calcium ascorbate (Vitamin C) - A form of vitamin C.

Calcium pantothenate (Vitamin B5) - A form of vitamin B5, used in the treatment of acne.

Calendula oil - An extract of marigold and one of the most versatile herbs in skincare, this is used as an emollient and has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antiseptic properties.  It helps strengthen capillaries and is used to treat acne and delicate or problem skin.

Carrot - Carrots are filled with essential oils that aid digestion, and thus, fight the causes of acne.  carrot oil’s anti-inflammatory properties also help revitalize skin tone, as well as reducing the appearance of blemishes and scars.  Carrots are rich in potassium, which helps keep the skin moisturised and supple.  The high levels of Vitamin C in carrot oil stimulate production of collagen that aids the maintenance of the skin’s natural elasticity.  Carotenoids and antioxidants boost the skin’s immunity to harsh sun, and the healing process when the skin has been burned.

Castor oil - Extracted from the castor bean, it acts as a humectant by drawing and holding moisture from the air.  This moisturising effect helps condition all skin types and restore dry skin.

Chamomile/camomile - An aromatic flower used to soothe and moisturise.  It has the ability to neutralise skin irritants and is effective in calming eczema and allergic reactions.

Chrysin - A potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, our ingredient is derived from plants of the passion flower family.

Cocamide/cocoamide betaine/cocamidopropyl betaine - Derived from coconut, a mild but excellent skin cleanser and conditioner.

CoenzymeQ10 (Ubiquinone)/CoQ10  - Coenzymes are a vitamin-like substance present in every cell of the body.  They repair and regenerate skin cells, energising and oxygenating to expel toxins.  Levels start to decline around the age of 30 and continue to decrease with advancing years.  CoQ10 protects against fine lines and wrinkles by preventing damage to the production of collagen and elastin.

Colloidal minerals - The ‘energising’ minerals – magnesium, zinc, copper – which stimulate collagen production, together with 16 other ‘essential’ minerals for good health.

Colloidal sulphur - Derived from natural sulphur, this is a mild, soothing antiseptic.

Coltsfoot - A soothing, healing, conditioning herb, containing important amino acids to promote healthy skin and hair.

Comfrey - A plant containing the organic molecule Allantoin, which stimulates the growth of healthy tissue and helps heal wounds, burns, and sunburn.

Cranberry Oil - Naturally high in antioxidants, and with low levels of saturation cranberry oil has intense moisturizing properties aided by its unique balance of omega 3, 6 and 9.  Cranberry oil is the only oil with a 1:1 Omega 3 and Omega 6 profile, which is very important, as when combined they enhance each other’s properties for absorption and utilization of essential fatty acids in the skin.  This oil can also help with relieving dry and irritated conditions, for example eczema and psoriasis.

Cyclomethicone - A herbal extract used as a conditioning agent and emollient, it helps give a soft, silky feel to the skin, and leaves a barrier on the skin to prevent moisture loss.

Deionised water - Water in its purest form.  All components that could interfere with the product’s stability and performance are removed. Water itself is an excellent skin conditioning agent, but it has to be provided in such a way that it is retained by the skin.

DMAE (DiMethylAminoEthanol) - A naturally occurring nutrient, used to tighten the skin and prevent and reverse sagging.  Continued use gives a cumulative effect.  It also acts as an antioxidant by stabilising cell membranes, protecting them from free radical damage.  Additionally, DMAE acts as a natural delivery system, combining with other ingredients to bring them into the inner skin, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

Elastin (Marine) - Together with collagen fibrils, elastins are the protein fibres that give the skin elasticity.  Ours is sourced from sea kelp and algae.

Flavonoids - Antioxidant chemical compounds, widely found in certain fruits, vegetables, nuts and roots.

Glycerine - Used as an emollient and as a humectant.  Our ingredient is plant derived.

Glyceryl stearate (vegetable) - Emulsified palm oil derived from natural sources, used as a skin conditioner and emulsifier, one of the gentlest and safest available.  It does not block the pores, as most oils would.

Grape seed extract - A powerful antioxidant, high in polyphenols, which help prevents skin cell damage caused by sun exposure and pollution.

Grapefruit Seed Extract - Extracted from the seeds, pulp and white membranes of the grapefruit it is antimicrobial and antibacterial.

Green tea extract - Used for its anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant properties, but also rich in potent antioxidants.  It increases the effect of sunscreens and has anti-cellulite properties.

Hesperidin methyl chalcone - An antioxidant, derived from sweet orange, used to fight fragility of the capillaries and decrease their permeability.  Very effective in eye treatments to reduce dark circles.

Hops - Hops are the female flower of the hop vine (Humulus lupulus), used to treat itching skin, rashes and hives.

Horsetail - A herb rich in the minerals the body uses to maintain healthy tissue, particularly silica, an essential element to good skin.  It aids the absorption of calcium, which helps nourish nails, skin, hair and the body’s connective tissue.  Horsetail also helps eliminate excess oil from both skin and hair.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) - Hyaluronic acid is essential for the structure of the skin, ensuring its ability to hold on to essential fluids and providing continuous hydration.  In fact, hyaluronic acid has unmatched hydrating properties, being able to hold more water than any other natural substance.  It has also been proven to stimulate new cell growth.  HA additionally acts as a defence system for the external skin, creating the ‘acid mantle’ barrier that kills bacteria and viruses which may prove harmful.  The skin’s surface is naturally slightly acidic, thanks to HA, and needs to remain so for health and protection.  The Hyaluronic acid ingredient we use is plant derived.

Inositol - Plays an important part in the health of cell membranes and is necessary for the formation of lecithin.  Our ingredient is plant derived.

Ivy - Extracts from the ivy plant help boost circulation in the skin.

Lavender - Lavender oil is antiseptic, antibacterial, antitoxic, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and much more besides.  Lavender is excellent in promoting healing and for toning and balancing the skin.  Lavender also helps reduce scarring, stimulates the growth of new skin cells and is ideal for use on all skin types but particularly so for problem skin with blackheads, pimples and acne.

Lecithin - A natural antioxidant and emollient, lecitihin is also a natural emulsifier, obtained principally from soy beans.  Lecithin has a very similar chemistry to that of the skin and is used in the making of liposomes to deliver nutrients into the inner skin.

Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate (Vitamin C) - A highly effective water soluble derivative of vitamin C, non-irritating and stable, it has firming, brightening and antioxidant qualities and helps stimulate collagen production.  In our product it is wrapped with an exclusive form of liposome containing natural vitamin E.

Mint/Orange extract - The mint is used to tone and tighten and help reduce inflammation. The orange is extracted from the rind, which is high in bioflavoids (a type of antioxidant) and also antiseptic.

MSM (MethylSulphonylMethane) - Also known as ‘organic sulphur’.  Sulphur is required for the proper synthesis and maintenance of connective tissues such as skin.  MSM is derived from lignin, the natural material that bonds together the cells of trees.

Niacin/Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) - One of the water soluble B complex vitamins, also known as vitamin B3.  An antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, it is also affective as a skin lightening agent.  Derived from rice bran.

Oat amino acids - Derived from oats, used as an anti-irritant and calming agent.  Oat amino acids are also soothing for red, dry or mature skin.  Amino acids form the basic constituents of proteins and our ingredient provides up to 120 of them to help rebuild the skin.

Oleic Acid - Naturally occurring fatty acid that is odourless and colourless.

Olive leaf - A superb anti-inflammatory, with antimicrobial properties.

Olive Oil - Moisturises and softens; derived from olives

Orange (Citrus aurantifolia) - Used to help brighten dull complexions.

Oregano - Oil extracted from the oregano plant destroys bacteria related to rosacea and acne.

Organic Royal Jelly  - Produced by nurse bees as a food for the young, organic royal jelly is the only food ingested by the queen bee for the whole of her life, which can be 50 times longer than that of the worker bee.  Organic royal jelly is rich in protein, vitamins B1, B2, B6, C and E, niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin, inositol and folic acid.

Palmitoyl oligopeptide - A naturally derived plant ingredient, this peptide helps to protect the skin’s collagen from the effects of UVA and contributes to thickening of the epidermis by promoting collagen renewal.

Palmitoyl pentapeptide 3/Palmitoyl tetrapeptide 3 (Matrixyl) - Also known under the brand name Matrixyl.  A combination of amino acid peptides linked together which works by stimulating the matrix layers of the skin. When stimulated the skin produces more collagen, and loss of collagen is what leads to thinning skin and wrinkles.  This ingredient helps counteract this part of the aging process.  As effective against wrinkles as retinol but does not cause irritation, a common side-effect of retinoids.

Parsol MCX (Octyl methoxycinnamate) - Derived from methanol (otherwise known as wood alcohol, obtained by the distillation of wood), cinnamic acid (from cinnamon leaves and coca leaves) and sulphuric acid (derived from sulphur, which occurs in volcanic and sedimentary deposits).  Used to help provide protection from UVB rays.

Peppermint (Mentha piperata) - Effective in the treatment of skin irritations

Potassium cocoate - The potassium salt of coconut acid, used as an emulsifier.

Red clover - Used in the treatment of eczema and psoriasis

Red Vine - Rich in flavonoids that have anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties, meaning that extracts from the leaf help to depuff and detoxify the skin.

Retinyl palmitate (Vitamin A) - A form of Vitamin A that combines retinol with palmitic acid.  It acts as a skin normaliser, reducing excess oil in oily skin and moisturising dry skin.

Rice Bran Oil - Rich in the antioxidant y-oryzanol, and with high fractions of tocopherols and tocotrienols (Vitamin E).

Rosehip oil - Rejuvenates and repairs, rich in essential fatty acids; derived from the seeds.

Rosemary - The oil helps to tone and firm the skin, whilst the herb is an astringent, reducing excess oil from the skin.  With its natural antibiotic properties it is effective for treatment of acne and dermatitis.

Sage - A natural antioxidant which refreshes, balances and tones.  Sage is effective but mild, ideal for sensitive skin.

Sea algae/sea kelp/seaweed - Seaweed and sea kelp contain nutrients, trace elements and amino acids.  Seaweed, algae and sea kelp can penetrate the skin more readily than many other ingredients.  We source ours from Hawaii, considered to be the most powerful.

Sesame oil - One of the very best natural conditioners for the skin, sesame oil’s molecules are readily and quickly absorbed.  An excellent moisturiser, sesame oil is also a natural delivery system as it bonds readily with other key ingredients.

Sodium benzoate - A salt of benzoic acid (derived from balsamic resin) used as a preservative.

Sodium cocosulphate - Derived from pure coconut oil, used as a surfactant.

Sodium PCA - A naturally occurring component of human skin which is partly responsible for its moisture binding capability.  It is highly water absorbing and builds moisture in the skin without adding oil.  It softens, hydrates and reduces the scaling and flaking common in dehydrated, oily complexions. Our ingredient is derived from sugar cane.

Tetrahexydecyl ascorbate (Vitamin C) - The most effective form of vitamin C ester, combined with Ascorbyl glucosamine to provide a highly stable delivery system.  See vitamin C complex. 

Thiamine HCI, Thiamine Nitrate (Vitamin B1) - See vitamin B1.  

Titanium dioxide - A non toxic crystal mineral, used as Class One, full-spectrum sunscreen. It protects from both UVA and UVB radiation, with no risk of skin irritation, and makes ‘photo stable’ products, effective for a much longer time.

Tocopherol (Vitamin E) - See vitamin E.

Turmeric - A traditional Ayurvedic ingredient, that is excellent for reducing hyperpigmentation of the skin and has a lightening effect, as well as having antiseptic properties and being rich in antioxidants.

Vitamin A (Retinyl palmitate) - A more stable and less irritating alternative to retinol or retin-a for normalising the skin’s texture and smoothing fine lines.  Vitamin A works on both the skin’s surface and the dermis below.

Vitamins B1 (Thiamine), B5 (Pantothenic acid), B6 (Pyridoxine), B12 (Cyanocobalamin) - The B vitamins energise the skin and make it more responsive to cellular renewal.

Vitamin C complex (Tetrahexydecyl ascorbate, Ascorbyl glucosamine) - The lipid (insoluble in water but soluble in organic solvents) form of Vitamin C combined with a highly stable delivery system.  Vitamin C is found particularly in citrus fruits and green vegetables.  Vitamin C is essential in maintaining healthy connective tissue, helping to maintain elasticity, and is a powerful antioxidant, protecting skin cells from the free-radical damage that causes ageing.  Used also as an exfoliant, Vitamin C in this form has a skin lightening effect.

Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol) – Vitamin D is necessary for the reproduction of new skin cells.

Vitamin E (Natural mixed tocopherols) - An antioxidant and emollient, obtained by the distillation of edible vegetable oils.  Vitamin E helps form muscle and other tissues, and helps slow the breakdown of collagen and elastin.  Tocopherol is the scientific name for Vitamin E.

Vitamin F (Linoleic acid) - Essential to the maintenance of normal cell wall permeability and contributes to a bright, fresh complexion. Our Vitamin F is from organic flax seed.

Vitamin K (Phyonadione) - Helps fade and clear bruises and calm red, irritated areas.  Vitamin K also helps improve the appearance of broken capillaries and rosacea and reduces the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. Our Vitamin K is sourced from vegetables.

Wheat Germ extract - Nourishes the skin and acts as a natural preservative, thanks to its high vitamin E content.  Wheat Germ extract also contains vitamins A and D and squalene and is particularly effective in treating dry, ageing skin.

Witch Hazel  - Used as an astringent, witch hazel also has antiseptic properties, so doubly good for oily skin.

Yarrow  - A mild but effective astringent, with antibiotic and antiseptic properties.

Zinc oxide - A natural, mineral derived sunscreen providing broad-spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB rays.  Creates ‘photo stable’ products, effective for a much longer period of time