One Step Testimonials

Clinical trials from a leading dermatologist research group prove that One Step really works for most people within 2-3 weeks. The clinical evaluations indicated that 93% of those tested had a noticeable improvement in the smoothness, softness, and the tone and colour of their skin. Some subjects saw a reduction of puffy eyes and pore size, 73% experienced an improvement in the firmness of their skin and also had noticeable reduction of lines and wrinkles within the same time period.
"I haven’t seen my friend in over a year and her first question was “who did your facelift?” I am 57 years old and have suffered from thinning facial skin for the last seven years. My skin is thicker, firmer and looks 10 years younger. Great stuff!”
Adeline Frakes, Margate, USA
"I've been using Nutural for nearly 6 months and it has really made a difference to my skin. My family and friends have also commented on how well my skin looks - which does not happen very often when you are 47! So I would heartily recommend One Step to anyone, not just older women, and not just because it works, but because it works out much cheaper than buying four or five separate products." 
Meg Clarke, Glasgow, UK 
“I am a banker and the ultimate sceptic when it comes to beauty products. I did not believe that any cream could make me look like anything other than a 50 year old woman, but I did, nonetheless, want to look as good as a 50 year woman can. "After about a month I was talking to a friend when she suddenly poked my cheek with her finger. She told me my skin looked amazing! On my skin, it has certainly worked – and being poked in the face by another realistic, sceptical, intelligent woman is about as good an endorsement as you could get.” 
Lesley Campbell, Perthshire, UK 
“I have seen a big difference. My skin feels much firmer and the texture much improved. It just looks so much healthier. I am very pleased with the result.”
Rita Fitzgerald, Glasgow, UK
“After a few weeks I definitely saw changes in my skin. It looks and feels tighter and the lines below my eyes have disappeared - my friends have all noticed the improvement.  I've been recommending One Step to them and would recommend it to anyone.”
Rosie Heenan, Paisley, UK
“I have been in the cosmetics industry for 20 years and work as a licensed face treatment specialist and make-up artist. I have used countless products over the years and have not seen anything as wonderful as One Step before. I highly recommend it.”
Gary Lewis Logwood, Washington DC, USA
"Amazing, I have tried all the layers of exclusive and expensive Department Store creams and the latest drug store anti-wrinkle products nothing performs as well as One Step. Almost immediately I noticed a difference in my skin. After a month I noticed the most amazing transformation. The lines around my eyes began to disappear. The best part is that it's so easy. I can't spend a lot of time with multi-step products that make me feel like I'm in my boot camp again. My skin is clearer, firmer and I don't look 50 anymore."
Edward Anderson, Washington, DC, USA
"One Step is a terrific product. My face never felt smoother and my fine lines have disappeared considerably. It appears also to have a deep cleansing effect. It has dramatically reduced a significantly blocked pore that my dermatologist said he could not do anything about. I can't even begin to tell you how pleased I am. I have also been impressed with how swiftly the improvements have come about."
Judy Green, Alexandria, VA, USA
"I've been using One Step now for 7 months and I have recently been mistaken at close range for my daughter who is 21 years younger than I. What's even greater is that men half my age are asking me out. I’ve been recently told that I look 15 years younger than my age, ‘Who would believe that you are a grandmother!’ It's even reduced scar tissue on my face as well as the puffiness and dark circles under my eyes. This is the best face product I ever used."
Mary Ellen Martin, Johnstown, PA, USA
“One Step has changed my life! You have introduced a fabulous product that has taken years off my face. After only a week I could see the colour of my skin only as it should have been. I never knew my real skin could be so attractive without make-up. It seems to be more of a "food" for my skin. It was as if my skin had been starved before. And at the risk of sounding too enthusiastic, let me add that my scars and wrinkles seem to be fading away. I was completely sceptical when I began using One Step and now I am ever glad that I tried it. Thanks for this great product."
Mary Baker, Washington, DC, USA